Burn through your Xero coding!

Using the reconcile screen in Xero is great – it allows you to ensure that bank transactions are correctly matched up with transactions that already exist within the file. However if you’re like us – only being able to interact with up to ten transactions at once can really slow down your coding – even more so when you’re working with multiple files.

You’re probably wondering why we don’t just switch over to the cash coding screen? The cash coding screen is a handy feature when it comes to processing files with lots of transactions – it can show us all the transactions in the file, and shows us if there is an existing match within Xero for the transactions. The only problem is that you aren’t able to assign your transaction to the matched coded transaction – you still have to manually code each entry.

This is where match box can really help you burn through your coding from within the cash coding screen.
In one click it matches all of the transactions in the one screen for you to review, you then simply click match all to reconcile the bank transaction to the corresponding transaction in Xero automatically.

You can download Matchbox FREE here.