Tailor made charts to suit your business

We’re often asked what is possible with Vizulate® customisation, and the answer is – almost anything!

Here is a list of just some of the things that we can work with you to customise for your organisation.

Data Import – Extract data from your existing practice management software. Connect to MYOB, APS, Xero (or others) to extract data out and automatically populate the bulk of the diagram data.

Conversion from existing diagrams – Ask if we can work with you to convert your existing diagrams into Vizulate in a cost effective way.

Custom Shapes / Colours / Icon Sets – If you have a set of custom shapes, or something that isn’t standard – we’re happy to see if this can be built as a customisation for your firm. We can also add the functionality to show a custom icon against a given shape based on a predefined list for your firm.

Custom Data – We’ve based our data fields on industry feedback – but we know it isn’t always one-size-fits-all. If you would like to customise the data that is captured and displayed in your charts – we can work with you to add a custom data column. We can also work with you to disable default columns.

Distribution Flows – Want to show more than just ownership in the diagram? We can help your firm add a customisation to show extra elements on the diagram.

Custom report and export format – If you would like a custom report layout we can work with you to build a bespoke layout to suit your firm’s preferences. Need to output your chart into Word? Ask us about this too.

Multiple partners and preferences – While we think one of the key benefits of Vizulate® is that it allows you to standardise your charts across the organisation, if you require multiple colour and shape preferences we can work with you to implement this in your practice.

Looking for something else? We’ve designed Vizulate® to help you communicate what matters to your clients, so if our standard options don’t quite fit your needs, we are more than happy to work with you to incorporate features that will add real value for your clients. Contact us to find out more.